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Texas Piano Restoration was created to improve the customer experience in the piano industry. We are piano technicians who strive to take the profession of piano moving to the next level. Our years of experience in the piano industry have taught us a lot about our customers and how to better serve them.

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Texas Piano Restoration provides piano moving services throughout the greater Dallas Metroplex and Rockwall area.

We are fully insured and take great care with every instrument that is entrusted to us for transport.

We strive to make every move safe and stress-free. For some piano moves that can’t be done with manpower alone, we use the Pianolift to safely and efficiently move pianos. The pianolift is ideal for moving 7′ and 9′ concert grand pianos.

We make the process simple for you. Just give us a call or fill out the piano moving request form  and you will receive a quote via email and/or a phone call. When you are ready to schedule we will get your move on our calendar and send you an email confirmation.

Our professional piano moving crew will arrive at pickup location on the day and time agreed upon, and efficiently pack up the piano and load it onto our 18ft trailer.  Our professional piano movers are exemplary drivers and will get your piano to its destination in the safest way possible.



Your piano is covered during transport.


We have many years of experience in the piano industry and are knowledgable about the pianos that we move.


We are committed to providing timely and professional service to our clients.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Unlike most piano moving companies, we are also highly trained piano technicians who can properly set up each piano and quickly resolve any common issues related to moving a piano. This ensures that when your piano is set up the keyboard and pedals will work properly! At Texas Piano Restoration, we believe that transporting pianos safely is so much more than just moving a heavy object. We have the complete piano knowledge and experience to make sure your valuable instrument is cared for during your move.

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What to Expect Upon Delivery


Once you are moved into your new home or once your beautiful floors are replaced you can give us a call and we will quickly schedule a delivery day and time. On the delivery day, our professional piano movers will load up your piano and will arrive at the new location in an efficient and safe manner. We will have the piano set up and have it in the exact same condition that it was picked up in.

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Climate Controlled Piano Storage

Our climate controlled piano storage facility is located in Lavon. Our shop is about 15 minutes north of Rockwall. Upon arrival, the piano movers will offload the piano and store it safely with thick moving pads and plastic wrap to protect the piano and keep out dust.

Our facility is state of the art in temperature and humidity control. A brand-new HVAC system keeps the shop at a perfect 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The HVAC system also keeps the relative humidity between 35% and 40%. This is the recommended relative humidity to store pianos. This climate controlled environment prevents the expansion and contraction of the wood components in your piano. Extreme changes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to pianos.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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